First of all, I have to say it was extremely difficult for me to make this top 10 categorization since at least 5 movies from the list deserve the 1st place.

It doesn’t matter wether you planned a nice quiet evening at home with your partner, friends, or alone. If you spice it up with one of these French comedy movies, you will have a laugh of your life, that’s for sure.

Therefore, do not bother too much with the numbers, just grab some tasty snacks, press play, and enjoy!

1. Serial (Bad) Weddings / Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au Bon Dieu? (2014)


Serial Bad Weddings

This movie is about a couple who has 4 beautiful daughters. The story starts when the youngest one is about to introduce her future fiancé to them.

2. Alibi.com (2017)


The name Alibi.com belongs to a company that helps  its clients living  their secret lives. The problems start when the lead male character meets a girl and falls in love.

3. Babysitting (2014)


This is a hilarious comedy about a young employee that has to babysit a general manager’s  kid.

4. Babysitting 2 / All Gone South (2015)

Babysitting 2

This movie gathers lead characters from the first part (Babysitting 1). They all travel together to Brasil, where they are about to experience the biggest adventure ever.

5. Priceless / Hores de Prix (2006)


This is a romantic comedy about a beautiful gold digger who falls in love with a waiter.

6. Love is in the Air / Amour et Turbulences (2013)

Love is in the air

An ex couple accidentally meets again in the same airplane. When the turbulence starts, they are about to reveal to each other their feelings from the past.

7. Heartbreaker / L’Arnacoeur (2010)

The Heartbreaker

A beautiful young girl is about to marry a guy that her parents disapprove. They hire a heartbreaker to end this relationship.

8. Baby Bump(S) / Telle mere, tells fille (2017)

Baby Bumps

It is a sweet comedy about a relationship between mother and daughter. Problems start when both of them get pregnant at the same time.

9. The Valet / La Doublure (2006)

The Valet

A top model and a porter have to pretend to be in a relationship, in order to help a CEO to save his marriage.

10. The Closet / Le Placard (2001)

The Closet

A man who is about to lose his job, spreads a rumor of his fake homosexuality, in order to keep his work.



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