Have you ever felt down, depressed, not keen on yourself? I did. I guess, everybody did. My life wasn’t always going in the right direction. I had a lot of ups and downs, and I experienced some difficult time on my own.

I understand how it feels when your wishes, dreams, hopes, plans, and needs suddenly vanish and you just feel lost and helpless. Each and every person has their own sad story to tell. Maybe I will write mine one day, but today I am willing to write about how to overcome difficult moments and instantly boost your self-esteem in 5 easy steps.

Lana Writes Self Esteem Booster
Lana Writes –Treat Yourself Right
  1. Take care of your physical appearance

I understand that when you are feeling low you hardly even think of your physical appearance, but believe me, it has an enormous impact on your self-esteem. So take some time for yourself. And do whatever makes you happy on your good days. Take a bath, wash your hair, do your nails, put some makeup on, dress up, put on the perfume. When you make just a little effort, I am positive that you will instantly feel better about yourself when you look in the mirror.

  1. Clean up your living space

I know. You are probably thinking that my advises are lame, but I know that you will feel a little bit better if you clean your living space. When I am feeling low, usually I look like that too, and I would rather not to mention how my apartment looks like. It’s a disaster. But then, if I make a little effort and clean up my mess, I will look across my living area, and I will see the comfortable and cozy place, that gives much positive vibe than the previous jungle area.

  1. Do yoga, meditation or any type of sport

I guess it’s more than obvious why I listed these things. While yoga and meditation have the power to take us to a quiet and self-centered peaceful place, doing sports releases endorphin that is known as a hormone of happiness, and it makes us feel better and gives us a release. Also, if you are not into sports, you might just go for a walk around your neighborhood, and you will feel less tense. Any type of physical activity gives us a stress release and makes us calm.

  1. Share your feelings with a person that understands you

From my experience, this one was always the most difficult of all other things, since I am a very private person. It is extremely difficult for me to open up to other person and to share my personal feelings, especially when it comes to insecurity, lack of self-esteem or any emotional breakdown. But I often force myself to leave my comfort zone and to share what is bothering me with someone else. And when I do so, I always feel better, even if that person is just a listener. Also, you never know, maybe your friend, partner, coworker or a family member may help you see your problem from a different angle, and propose a possible solution. Things are never just black or white, but sometimes it’s impossible to find other shades on your own, without someone’s help.

  1. Think of all the great things that you achieved and write them down

This one may sound silly, but it actually really helps feeling better about yourself. People usually see only their flaws, bad choices, problems and downsides of their lives when they are feeling blue. They tend to forget all the amazing things that they have achieved through their lives and concentrate only on the bad ones. Therefore, it is important not to forget success, achievements, solved problems and good relationships from your lives. This being said, take your journal or just a piece of paper, and write down a list of all the things that you did well in your life. I am sure that every person has something to write down on this topic. Afterwards, it will make you feel better to read the list and to keep it, just in case you forget how amazing you are again one day.

Take care.



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Life is better with a smile :)

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