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About Me

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Hi there and welcome on board!

Lana in Maldives
Lana Writes

My name is Lana. I am 36 years old ex-stewardess turned into a stay at home mom of two. My life literally turned upside down when I got kids. Sounds familiar? Motherhood became the most important part of my life, and therefore I have decided to quit flying and settle down at home.

I love being a mom and the time spent with my kids is priceless, but the thing is, I really miss being something else rather than being just a mom, if you know what I mean.

And that is why I’ve decided to create a virtual place where I could be myself again. And where I can motivate and inspire others to find or create their own peace of mind, and to start living their dreams, today.

Before I became a stewardess, while I was attending my university studies, I used to have a part-time job at one magazine. I was writing articles about cultural and social events. Those couple of years made me fell in love with writing, but life had some other plans for me. I never manage to make a career of it, and now I am trying to follow my dream again by making this blog.

In my blog, I will tell stories about my lifestyle, the hacks of everyday living, about blogging, kids, food, travel and I will share some practical advice that might make life easier. I see this blog as my creative outlet, that will help me promote my ideas and thoughts, such as: the simple and easy way of living, and how to stop waiting for something better to come along and start enjoying your life as it is, straight away. I would also like to encourage, support and motivate others to do the same and to find the inner happiness in their simple everyday life.

If you feel you are on the same page as me, you are more than welcome to follow me on this blogging journey, to comment, share, leave your opinion, connect and collaborate with me.

And now please,

Seat back, relax and enjoy the journey!



Should you wish to find out more about me, you can do it HERE

Life is better with a smile :)

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