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20 Random Facts About Me

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1. I love watching French comedy movies. I find them very creative, with the unbelievable plot, simply adorable and incredibly funny. You may find the list of my favorite French comedy movies HERE

2. My lucky number is 2 and my favorite colors are white, black and grey, and it really has nothing to do with the “50 shades of grey” phenomenon. Although  I’ve  read all the books.

3. I have an amasing older sister. She is capable of doing great things, and she is, by all means, the most positive person I know. She means the world to me.

4. I usually don’t drink coffee, except when I’m in the middle of an interesting conversation with one of my friends, and I don’t smoke. I used to smoke, but when I first got pregnant, I’ve quit, and never started again. I’m not saying it was easy though.

5. I’m a very stubborn person, and I know I drive my people crazy sometimes, especially my husband. But nobody ‘s perfect, right?

6. I have no TATTOOs. I like seeing a nice one on someone else, but it’s just not my thing.

Lana Writes Flowers and Roses
Lana Writes

7. I love cooking and preparing fresh and healthy meals for me and my loved ones, but I don’t mind a fast food either. My favorites are pizza and McDonald’s. Kids, if you are reading this, broccoli rules!

8. I love the sea, sand, palms, sea animals, swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing on the beach, and everything that is related to it.

9. My parents got divorced when I was 13. I guess I’ve never got over it completelly, although they are both happy in their new relationships now, and they have very friendly communication between themselves. And I am greatful for that.

10. I love candlelight, long walks by the river or by the sea, watching sunsets, listening to music, going to the theatre, reading the book, and any other form of art. I’ve never considered myself as a very romantic person, but when I read this paragraph, maybe I acctually am romantic, just a little bit.

11. I put braces on at the age of 34. I know, I was a 35 years old nerd. But I actually didn’t mind wearing it.

12. I have a degree in Arabic language and literature, and additional education in HR management. Also, I am getting my course diploma of web design in the near future, too. It’s always a good idea to invest in your knowledge and skills.

13. I always wanted to try skydiving, but I never had enough courage to do that.

14. I love fishing, especcially with my son.

Lana Writes By the River
Lana Writes

15. I believe in destiny and karma, but on the other hand, I also believe that sometimes we are able to create our own destiny, too. Depending on the choices we make and directions we chose.

16. I prefer savory snacks over the sweet ones. My favorite ones are potato chips, salty crackers, and popcorn.

17. I believe it is never too late to do the right thing or to start following your dreams.

18. My alcoholic drink is a beer or a white wine spritzer.

19. I always dreamed of having a girls rock band, where I would be a frontman/front girl. Unfortunately, it never happened. But, who knows, as I mentioned before, it’s never too late…

20. I play the piano. Although I haven’t done it for a long long time, because I guess I acctually suck in it 🙂



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Life is better with a smile :)


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      Znala sam da će ti se dopasti. Sve što sam napisala zaista mislim. Mnogo mi značiš i volim te beskrajno!

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